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I’ve gone from charging clients $2,297 to $10,000 to work with me. And since I’m constantly creating new ways to attract these fabulous clients who want to invest, I decided to bundle them up into beautiful workbooks, templates, trainings, and checklist galore so you can use them too. Because THEY WORK. And I want you to create a solid income for yourself and your family. It’s about time, right?

In the next 2 minutes, you could get full access to:

    • Dream Client Profile Tool

      How to Build a Membership

      ✓ How to Get Members on Auto-Pilot

      ✓ How to Use Pinterest to Get Clients

      ✓ One Week to Clients

      ✓ New Client Welcome Pack

      ✓ Inventory Tracker

      ✓ How to Plan Coaching Content

      ✓ Daily To-Do Sheets

      ✓ How I Booked My Last Six Clients

      ✓ 1:1 Coaching Pricing Guide

      ✓ Coaching Biz Planner

      ✓ Easy Ad Strategy to Build Your List Fast

      ✓ Where You Need to Be Showing Up and How

      ✓ 30-Day IG Challenge

      ✓ Screen Affirmations

      📺 Plus, these guest masterclasses:

      Building Influence to Attract Clients on LinkedIn With Lakrisha Davis

      ✓ The Secrets to Budgeting for Unpredictable Income With Katie Scott

      ✓ How to Take Your Book From Idea to Published Without Working More Than 5 Hours a Week With Jessie Beyer

      ✓ How to Grow Your Online Business With TikTok With Abbie Stasior

      ✓ How the Enneagram Can Help You Become a Better Coach With Tracy O’Malley

      ✓ How to Attract Media, Features, and Publications With Queen Chioma

      ✓ How to Create a Group Program With Jessica Terzakis

      ✓ How to Create a Schedule You Love AND have the Habits to Back it Up With Hannah Murphy

      ✓ How to Find New Paying Customers on Auto-Pilot

      ✓ Get on Google in 5 Easy Steps With Melissa McGraw

      ✓ How to Make $10K Evergreen Months With Haley Burkhead

      ✓ How to Attract Your Avatar WIth a Killer Instagram Bio With Allison Scholes

      ✓ The Secrets Behind Successful Branding WIth Angela Garcia

      ✓ Secrets to a Simple Website That Sells Your Services With Cami Farey

      ✓ How to Bring Your Brand to Life

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Guest Expert Masterclasses

We have some amazing masterclasses here for you, ! Each guest expert has been carefully selected to enhance your club membership! If you have any suggestions for a future guest expert, please let me know! Enjoy and be sure to show each lady some love on IG and tell her who sent you!

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